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Aggieland Home Staging is more effective and less expensive than reducing your asking price. By minimizing distractions and enhancing the positives of your property through staging with our exceptional collections, we can help your house shine!


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The Advantages of Home Staging


Professionally staged homes sell faster and for more money. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) found that a professionally staged home will sell 50% faster and have an increased profit of 6-10%. For example, a non-staged home that sold for $350,000 probably would have sold for at least $371,000, conservatively.

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Staging should not cost you a dime, but instead it should make you money, averaging a 299% return on investment according to A Home Gain 2011 Top Ten D-I-Y Home Improvements survey. (Over 2000 realtors surveyed.)

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